Certified in 12 Step Program with Addiction Counselor and Substance Abuse Counselor 12 Step Board Certification CTC

Addiction Counselor Substance Abuse Counselor Treatment Center Professionals Certified Twelve Step Recovery Program Drug and Alcohol CounselorsCTC™ Institute of Certified Twelve Steps Recovery and Addiction Counselors

CTC Certified 12 Step Consultant™ &
Training & Certification


How to use your CTC Board Certification examples:

  • John Doe, CTC on your resume and cards
  • John Doe, Certified Twelve Step Consultant on your resume and cards
  • John Doe, MEd, CTC on your resume
  • Jane Doe, RN , CTC Logo on your Business Card
  • John Doe, MSW, CTC Logo on Professional Web Site
  • John Doe, PhD, CTC Logo on your Promotional Brochure
  • John Doe, Fellow of the ICECC

Your license allows you to use the certified status i.e. CTC or other ICECC marks only as a professional designation and distinction on your resume. The ICECC must be contacted for endorsements of products and services such as software, businesses, textbooks, and universities. Permission from The ICECC must be gained before any endorsement or recommendation of a product, services, or enterprise is allowed. Logos for Member use.

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