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Fax Number: 713-787-9479

Checks to be made payable to "Contemporary Teaching"             

$100.00 for 1 applicant

$90.00 for 2 applicants

$85.00 for 3 applications

$80.00 per applicant for 4 or more applicants                                                                                

(includes shipping and handling) US for Certification and Membership Documents sent to this address:
Institute of 12 Step Counselors | 9525 Katy Freeway | Suite 428 | Houston, TX 77024 | 713-461-3279

** Prices subject to change without notice.

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To make payment please email: ceuinfo@ceuinfo.com  Michael Yeager or mail check to 9525 Katy Freeway | Suite 428 | Houston, TX 77024.

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If you are not eligible, you may be consulted as to what you may need to achieve so that you may be Board Certified as a CTC.

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