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Addiction Counselor Substance Abuse Counselor Treatment Center Professionals Certified Twelve Step Recovery Program Drug and Alcohol CounselorsCTC™ Institute of Certified Twelve Steps Recovery and Addiction Counselors

CTC Certified 12 Step Consultant™ &
Training & Certification


Endorsed Courses or Professions Include:

  • Any educational degree in Substance Abuse, Divinity, or Social Work.
  • State Licensed Counselors or Therapist of other state licensed professionals.
  • Medical Professionals and Hospital Professionals
  • Family, Marriage, and Adolescent Counselors
  • Substance Abuse & Alcoholism Counselors
  • Individuals with 1 year of hands on experience with 12 Step work (100 hours)
  • Divinity & Spirituality Professionals including Priests
  • Mental Health & (anxiety, and depression disorder professionals)
  • Doctors, Nurses, and Rehabilitation Professionals
  • EAP's or Employee Assistance Professionals
  • Or Courses or credits approved by our Board

The CTC™ Education requirements are met by either having a broad experience in the use of the 12 Step form of recovery or by having a formal education in divinity, spirituality, medicine, nursing or similar activity. We pre-qualify those who are already state licensed in a health related profession and are regulated by that state.

With all of the above training and experience, this manual should be sufficient to acquire the knowledge to pass the CTC™ exam.

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This Certification is a designation that is geared toward facilitating a health care and religious profession that understands care in a multidisciplinary way. Also, the certification is designed to help professionals broaden their education and resume.


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