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Affirmations to Improve Self Esteem and Confidence

Affirmations to improve self-esteem and confidence.

I am living in harmony and acceptance. I am willing to accept the best in my life.

I will let myself enjoy the pleasures of life. I use my senses to be aware of the beauty of my surroundings. I will use my free will constructively. I will radiate love.

I will remain open-minded and this will make me more teachable.

A good humor belongs to me. I approach life with cheer. I radiate an enthusiastic attitude to those that I care for.

I am respectful to others and therefore, others are respectful to me.

I have a new awareness that affords me the ability to think and be creative.

I am a compassionate person and I am concerned about the welfare of others. Others are in turn concerned about my welfare. My service to others gives me a great release and a great strength. I serve others because I have a duty to pass on what was so freely given to me. By doing this, others are healed and strengthened through the grace of the Universe.

I have surrendered my reckless will to the care of the Universe and higher self. With this surrender, I have achieved a new sense of freedom and happiness. I can turn my ego over to the Universe. I do not allow my ego to block me from my faith, creativity, love, and joy.

I have made a commitment to my spiritual path, health, and state of mind. I am proud of my sincere commitment that I have made to the program of renewal and serenity.

I understand that the causes of my success flow from the Universe. The source of my success is by the grace of the universal spirit that flows through me. I cooperate with the source by taking action toward a better life.

I think and radiate abundance; therefore, abundance is attracted to me. I believe in the infinite possibilities of life and success. Abundant life is a divine right and choice. Health and happiness are mine today. I do all that I need to do today, and I do not worry about tomorrow or the past.

I am loving and tolerant. I never know what is going on at this moment with another human being. The other person may be in the middle of a terrible challenge or trauma. I allow myself to be compassionate toward others.

I am a responsible person. I am self-reliant. I take pleasure in being able to take care of myself and others who may rely on me. I am proud to be able to do this. I receive great joy in having the ability through the universe to be responsible.

I make healthy choices. I am aware of my actions today. I make choices that I need not regret today. I receive great self-respect through my constructive action today. My honesty and actions are good for all and good for me, and I feel alive and joyful every day because of my right living.

I am forgiving. I will allow the seeds of resentment and discomfort to diffuse. I do not want to waste my time being a non-forgiving person. I have so much to do good things in this life without being preoccupied with non-forgiveness. I have learned a lesson, and I have move on from the past event.

Patience is a part of my life today. Good things will come to me in time. Opportunity is not limited, and I can be patient with regard to other people. Many times people are sent to help me. I am open to receiving their help from the universe. I can also take action to accomplish my goals, but after I have done the best that I can do, I will allow the highest result to unfold.

I have received the gift of spiritual strength from the universal spirit. This grace is the source of my happiness, love, and serenity.

Today, I have the courage to speak up for myself. I do not need to retaliate; however, if there is a situation where I need to stand up for my principles, I can do so. I have the ability to say no when I need to. Further, this ability frees me from potential commitments that I need not participate in.

I seek out new and different things in life. I have a sense of adventure and joy in what I do with my free time. I love life today because I allow life to be interesting and fun.

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