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Twelve Meditations and 30 Day Prosperity Plan

· 30 Day Plan Each Statement can be said silently or out loud. These meditations are designed to bring you closer to harmony with the universe, improve your self-esteem, and grant you abundance.

The first 12 meditations are a flowing but simple affirmation to clear you mind an soul. Feel free to read them all each day and move to the 31 day plan. Feel free to pick out your favorite and read it every day for 30 days. Or, you can read several a day. Some people may want to go the most traditional route and read and meditate on one per day.

1st Meditation

I need not seek control over people, places and things. I need not control the world. Life will unfold for me. I surrender to the love of the Universe. I now am free to live, learn, love, laugh, and listen. I have changed and improved myself. I love and respect myself. I have stopped resisting the Universe and its' power , and this has given me the victory of harmonious living. Today, I will live in harmlessness.

2nd Meditation

I have serenity and peace. The universal power has granted me freedom and clarity. I am calm, relaxed, and cool. I am not in a hurry. My sense of well being keeps me in harmony with all. The universe has restored me to wholeness and satisfaction. I have all that I need. My higher power takes care of me. I am a child of God. God loves me. God is the Great Spirit that protects me.

3rd Meditation

Today, I serve the Great Spirit instead of my ego. I am connected with The Great Power. The great power gives my courage and wisdom. The great universal power is the force and source of my prosperity. Abundance is mine now. Everything I need will be provided by the abundance of the great power. I turn my daily thoughts over to my Higher Self. I give my financial, relationship, work, family, and other issues over to the care of the Universe. I am free because I release all of my problems to the power greater than myself.

4th Meditation

I have cleaned house. I will continue to engage self analysis. I will identify the good things about myself. I will also find where I have done harm or been caused discomfort. I have worked to mend and clear up the past. I live a clean and self respecting life today. I am proud of myself. I have new values today that give me satisfaction because the values that I have are good for me. I take care of myself. I make healthy decisions. Thus, I am very very healthy in mind, spirit, and soul.

5th Meditation

I have discussed my past wrongs with another and with my Higher Self. I have been given great relief from working through this process of freeing my mind. I have freed my heart and mind from the old resentments, jealously, hatred, envy, pride, greed, lust and so on. I have diffused the old negative thoughts by talking to another in confidence. I have now made room for more good in my life. I am grateful for this release and this process. I am happy, enthusiastic, and energetic.

6th Meditation

I am willing to identify parts of my character that are not good for others and me. I am willing to work on improving my character and being a better person. Today, I am much better because I have lessened or eliminated some of these destructive behaviors. I am grateful that the Universal Force allows me to change for the better. My Higher Self has helped me change and improve many things. Today, I view myself as strong, vital, whole, complete, beautiful, and loving.

7th Meditation

I remember who is in charge. I am not the master. The Universe is the source of my happiness. I do not want to be in charge today. I surrender because it gives me great freedom and power. I engage harmonious living today. I am a loving and tolerant person. I am happy because I am comfortable with myself. I take time today to be grateful for the things that I have. I have health. I have love. I care about others and myself. I remember where I came from. I am willing to be good to myself and help others today. I am strong and happy because of all of the work I have done to get where I am right now. I cooperate with the universal spirit.

8th Meditation

I have made a list of the people that I have harmed. I have made amends to some of these individuals. I live in harmony with others today. I love myself, and I radiate love because of this. I am willing to make amends to the people that I have harmed. At the right place and time, direct amends may be made. I have done my best to make up for my past mistakes. Today, my heart and mind are free because of my spiritual work. I feel so happy today because I have cleared a path to freedom. I am grateful that I have the tools and strategies to live a harmless and loving life. People respect and love me because I am respectful and loving. I have rebuilt many bridges, and I will create and improve relationships for the rest of my life.

9th Meditation

I am willing to apologize sincerely if needed. I admit my wrongs in my heart, mind, and in person. I will say that I was not right because it is for the best. The recipient of my atonement at some point will understand my actions. Today, I can correct a mistake affecting another and take action to free us both of this situation.

10th Meditation

If and when I act wrongly, I will try to clean up the mess right then. I can easily and effortlessly admit that I have made a mistake. I do this because it eliminates discomfort and resentment. I can live in harmony and humility while being a strong and intelligent person. I am stronger because I have dissolved a weakness. Today, I live in harmony. Today, I am at peace. I need not retaliate. My silence can be a skill. I can delay my reaction or retaliation. I do not need to be right all of the time. I can be a listener instead of the talker. I have a plan, and the plan will make me a greater person and give me peace.

11th Meditation

I take time to meditate. I take time for prayer. Even if it is only for one minute before I go to sleep or upon awakening. Today I serve the will of my Higher Power. I am connected to the source. I am now close to my Higher Power. This connection grants me strength, courage, serenity, health, love, and the ability to work hard. I can do all things through my higher power because my higher power protects and loves me.

12th Meditation

I am totally awake spiritually. I am new, and I have returned. I feel so blessed. I now have a message and the power live harmoniously. I practice humility, gratitude, and love in my life. I try to live in harmony with all. The world issues belong to my higher power today. My service to others has given me life and strength. I help others because I want to. I help others through my actions. I live a constructive and self-respecting lifestyle. I am responsible. Other people who need my help remind me of where I came from. I am grateful for these people. Today, I realize that I have received a spiritual revitalization , and I am thankful for it. I look back and identify all of the changes that I have made, and I realize the sum of the changes is the miracle of my life.

Prosperity Action Plan

Day One

Today, I know myself and I am in harmony with the universe. I am in tune with the Great Spirit. I am conscious of the universal spirit and it flows through me, protects me, and makes me whole. I believe that with the help of the Great Spirit, all is possible. I believe that I am capable of doing what I need and want to do. I do not limit myself. I have great possibilities in life, and I am growing each day to unfold into my highest talents and service.

Day Two

Today, I make choices. I make specific choices toward my dreams. I work hard to define what my purpose is with my projects, but I realize that my higher power may have a much greater plan. I allow this plan to unfold for me. I do not resist everything. I flow with the world today. I can take advantage of flowing with the current of life. I can learn from mistakes and do better next time. I will do what I need to do today, and tomorrow's events can't hurt me today.

Day Three

Today, I accept the gifts that have been given to me however small. I have an open hand to receive new gifts. I have all that I need, and I will be provided what I truly desire. My higher power knows what is healthy and best for me, and I will accept this gift. I am in gratitude today because it keeps me connected to my higher power. My thankfulness today gives me great faith. My heartfelt thanks today to the universe will allow for a fuller and richer life tomorrow and in the future.

Day Four

There is great prosperity in the world. The world has unlimited supply. The world has all I desire, and I only need to ask for what I need and truly want. I am not in poverty because I have been blessed with life and opportunity. Prosperity and abundance is mine. I have and will continue to receive gifts and riches in my life. These riches will allow me to use my talents and be the best that I can be. I will take care of myself and help others because I can.

Day Five

I will attract abundance because I think abundance. I attract prosperity because I speak and carry myself in a prosperous fashion. I continually improve myself. This process is giving me all that I need and much more. I am satisfied and grateful. I am grateful for the simplest things in life such as the sunrise and the love from others. I picture myself living in abundance. I see myself in my minds eye as perfect health and beauty.

Day Six

I visualize a great life ahead. I have meaning and purpose in my life. The universal spirit created me, and the universe doesn't make mistakes. Thus, I am strong and poised. I am a beacon of light and love. I am thankful for what I have and what I don't have. I am even thankful for the gifts that I will soon receive. I can see myself with a better life, love, romance, occupation, hobbies, health, and image. Many people love me because I am a loving & wonderful person.

Day Seven

The truth is that I am happy. The truth is that I am healthy. I am here now and I am aware of the love for me from the universe. People care about me, and I have a purpose. Today, I will reach out and help another person because I have the great power to heal even if I do not say a word or speak. My healing presence is a gift, and I will honor myself today and protect that gift.

Day Eight

Today, I will meet others half way. There are people who want to help me and I will communicate with them. There are people who need me today. I will take action to help myself today. I will not rush. I will do what I need to do. I will do one thing at a time. The loving universe will guide me through this day. I have great faith, and I expect the best in life today. I am awake and aware of the presence and connection with a loving world. This force supplies me with harmony. I give thoughts over to the universe and I am at ease. Today, I feel excellent and I am going to be an excellent person to others.

Day Nine

Why should I have doubt? Why should I have fear? I realize that I have been brought to this point in life against all odds. I am a miracle. I have faith because I am grateful. Gratitude gave me faith because it has allowed me to expect good things. It has also allowed a perfect connection with the Universal Spirit. I have learned to use my will. My will is useful to help me think of love and gratitude. My will cooperates with the will of the universe. I use my will today to show up where I need to be. My willingness also helps me pray and meditate when I need to.

Day Ten

All is harmonious today. The world is as it should be. I am comfortable, satisfied. I will look at what I do have and not harp on the things that I do not have. I do not need to compare myself with anybody. I am unique in the eyes of the world. My uniqueness is what adds to my personality. I am calm, relaxed and poised. I carry myself well in all occasions. My conduct is attractive so I attract others with good conduct and character. I think of the rights and feelings of others today. I go through this day expecting to be well. If I do not get what I want today, there is a higher and better outcome for me in the future. Everything is just right for me now.

Day Eleven

I am in tune with spirit. Spirit is within me. Thus, I am spirit and a spiritual being. Life is abundant because of my faith and connection with the Universe. I need not control anything because my higher power is guiding me in the right directions. My higher power is guiding others to help me when I need it. I love myself, I am beautiful, I am vigorous, and I am a good friend. People like me because I am an excellent person. I am successful in what I do. Today, I am a finisher because I was good to myself yesterday. I will think of the people that I love, and I will transfer that love to all. I am wonderful and it is so.

Day Twelve

I release all of my anger and resentment. I eliminate my stress through a proper diet, sleep, and exercise. My exercise is physical and spiritual. I free myself from justified anger by discussing it with the proper persons. I allow the fountain of spirit energy to cleanse my mind, soul, and body. The healing energy of the Christ within me washes my mind, body and soul of all discomfort. I am healed and it is so.

Day Thirteen

I am enthusiastic about life. Life has carried me this far for a reason. That reason is to become the best that I can be and help others. All of my dealings are good for everyone and me. I share my rich and full life with others because I radiate a higher spiritual energy. I am creative and I need not be competitive. My creative spirit allows me to win without taking away from anybody. I am the caretaker of my spirit and soul. I am so proud of what I have accomplished and what I am capable of doing for others and myself. I am persistent, and I don't give up unless I am guided to cut my losses and move ahead. I make decisions and I stick to them. I change for the best, and I am constantly getting better.

Day Fourteen

I am focused on my goals. I am grateful for what I have already received. Now, I am prepared to seek more from life. I understand the specific outcome that I desire. My outcome will unfold is the best way for me. I have developed and written out the steps to achieving my plan. I am familiar with the plan and have a clear vision of the outcome. I understand what skills and assets that are needed for the plan. I know the value of what I will give in return for what I take. My creation will benefit others. I have a set time frame for the completion of the project. All of what I desire is happening and will continue to happen. I will continue to complete and finish wonderful things. My source of all of this is the Universal Spirit, and I serve that power by using my talents. My talents will improve and be best used if I have the best resources. Therefore, wealth and financial freedom is a spiritual asset. Wealth is not my source of happiness, but I use it to help take care of myself, my family, and those who truly need my help.

Day Fifteen

I have an open mind and an open heart. I remain teachable because it helps me become a better person. The messages that I need in life come from many places. Therefore, if another person has insight for me, I will be ready to receive it. I avoid spiritual pride. I do not know everything. Yet, I share my spiritual nature and gifts with those who desire my insight. I have a purpose and I am grateful for the abilities to live and learn. I may identify characteristics in others that I do not like or approve of. These characteristics may be something that I have too. I can learn and change for the better by being observant today.

Day Sixteen

The kingdom is with me now. I have all I need and want. I do not need to think of limitation today. There are no limits to the good that I can do. I do not need focus on poverty or non-healthy things. Today, I focus all of my thoughts and energy on health and abundance and gratitude. I am willing to accept a better life. I am willing to accept the best. I deserve the highest good in my life. I am willing to be healed and have a mental state of prosperity I am healthy, wealthy and have a full life because the universe wants me to have a wonderful life.

Day Seventeen

I seek to improve my mind, body and soul. I have a better life now. I am doing what I want, and I am headed toward my goals and dreams. Even if it is just a little each day. Each day is important in my self and soul-improvement. I condition my mind to think excellent thoughts. I speak and act in a way that is faithful and expecting of only the best. I never speak of bad times unless it is with a spiritual advisor for the purpose of healing. I speak only of success and happiness. Because I condition my thoughts and prayer toward serenity and abundance, I am connected to faith and the best in life. Nothing can limit me because my prosperity is limitless. I persist because I have a purpose in life. My mind is a powerful and spiritual organ that I will exercise today. Today, my mind and soul are complete and strong because I use and develop them.

Day Eighteen

There are 168 hours in a week. I use several hours a week to better myself and honor myself. I have become a co-master with my higher power in developing myself for the best. I have become a wonderful person, and I continually improve. I honor myself and others. I love myself an others. I allow myself to love and be kind. My kindness frees me of my past and my past wrongs are erased because of my kind acts.

Day Nineteen

I realize how much I have improved. I take time to write out all of the wonderful things that I have done since I have begun my journey. My health is much better, and I have the necessary faith to believe that my health is in the image of my higher power and in perfection I am a fantastic person. I look in the mirror and see all of the wonderful things about myself and my unique attributes which make me beautiful. I write a list of my accomplishments. By unfolding into who I am supposed to be, I am filled with abundance. I can write out new ideas, concepts, goals, and dreams. I can make a plan to do theses things, and visualize the dreams coming true.

Day Twenty

"To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics; to appreciate beauty; to give of one's self, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - that is to have succeeded."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Day Twenty-One

I can use restraint in my actions. I can speaking less and use the 70/30 Rule which means I should try to listen 70% of the time and speak a mere 30%. I will become more respected, and I will learn much insight with everyone that I meet. As an old friend once told me, "I have had few moments of genius during my lifetime, and all of them happened while I had my mouth shut." Additionally, I will restrain the urge to gossip or to condemn someone who has done something that irritates me. I will stop being negative and create a cheerful personality for myself. When a doubtful thought comes into my mind, I can immediately change it to one that is constructive and positive.

Day Twenty-Two

I am learning to speak positively about myself and my affairs. I am careful in my speech. I prefer to compliment, praise, or bless others rather than to try and tear them down to make myself feel better. I think and speak about how wonderful life is without bragging. It has become a habit of mine to be optimistic about life. These qualities attract successful and optimistic people into my life.

Day Twenty-Three

Today I radiate harmlessness and love. I do not think of prejudice anymore. It does not serve me to think about this. I am better off doing things that show that I want happiness for all. I want others to receive abundance in life just as I do. I focus on taking care of myself, and then, I have the ability care for others. I am a spiritual person who refuses to let pride and ego get in the way of my progress. I seek to understand others rather than be understood. I have faith instead of fear because I seek to understand and let life unfold for me one moment at a time.

Day Twenty-Four

I am satisfied with who I am. I seek to know myself better and to improve. I realize all of the talents and blessings that I do have, and I am grateful for them. Today, I can be myself and be happy. The truth is that I am a wonderful person just as I am. I only seek more out of life because the Universal Spirit has granted me that power. I can look people in the eyes and say that I am so much better than before. I can look in the mirror and be content with what I see today.

Day Twenty-Five

I have entered a renaissance. This new phase in life allows me to learn and listen. I can seek out new philosophy, new knowledge, new wisdom, and new spiritual growth. I am ready and I am willing. I can review my progress. If I see a spot where I need to do more work, I can revisit that process in my life and improve where I left off. I love others more because I love myself. My new phase of learning brings me to a new level of harmony with the world. This harmony allows me to move through life with an invisible strength. That strength protects and guides me in all that I do.

Day Twenty-Six

I am growing in my skills and experience with life. This allows me to do what I love to do in life. I can be who I need to be. I can be rewarded for being my true self. I will then be happy because I do what I love and I am rewarded for it. I achieved this by honing my focus, sharpening my skills, heading in the direction of what I love, and doing the thing that I love to do. I am enjoying a correct and harmonious livelihood.

Day Twenty-Seven

My financial life is taken care of by my higher power. I do what I need to do for income and security. I will eventually be able to do what I love to do for my financial freedom. My higher power is the true source of the financial supply in my life, and all of my needs are met. I am patient, but I am moving in the direction of better financial security. I have reviewed my financial affairs, and I have a plan of action as to how my finances will be used. I will plan for my family, my retirement, educational needs, and my heirs. I ask for help in the financial area and receive feedback from advisors. I am willing to pay qualified advisors a fair price to watch over my savings and investments I am prudent in my investments and I need not take undue risk with my savings. I use risk management tools to protect me in emergencies.

Day Twenty-Eight

I am honest with those that I love. I tell them my feelings and I do not bottle up the way I feel. I need not dump harmful information on them if it is not necessary. I try not to keep secrets from them unless it is my personal information that is better kept between me and my advisors. My honesty gives me freedom because I am not worried about covering up lies. I am thought of as a respectful, loving, honest, truthful, and kind individual.

Day Twenty-Nine

I have rehabilitated my ego into a healthy one. I am confident because I have worked on building my confidence over time. I believe in myself and my ideas. I do not exhibit false pride. I am in a place of self-love, and I am comfortable with myself. I have learned to put spirit before by pride.

Day Thirty

I eliminated fear in my life through several actions. I go to spiritual gatherings where I can lean on others for support. I have learned to exercise gratitude and acceptance in my life. I have cleared my mind of the negative thoughts and replaced them with thoughts of faith and positive expectations. I realize that failure is only temporary, and I have plenty of time for success.

Day Thirty-One

I occasionally treat myself to opulence. My higher source allows me to be good to myself. I take time to lavish myself with some form of abundance. I treat myself to healthy food, song, travel, adventure, or learning. I sometimes buy special things that I want that I will use. I share my love and abundance in the form of simple gifts. I give some of what I have to others. I do this to keep the spiritual flow moving. Every gift of love is returned to me in a larger form. Today, I can speak softly and carry with me a strong spiritual presence.

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