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This is the place where Consultants, Therapists, Analysts, Social Workers, Medical Professionals, and Substance Abuse Counselors can Learn about 12 Step Analysis and Achieve Distinctive Certifications to Enhance their Career Abilities. Every Addiction consultant should have knowledge and understanding in the area of addiction, recovery & 12 step program counseling . See Sample Certificates.

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New " Twelve + Two Steps Young People in Recovery"

foreword by John Bradshaw.

This workbook includes using the twelve steps, cognitive therapy and grief work to allow the teen reader to experience the causes and conditions that set them up for addiction and other dysfunctional behavior. The work is then designed to help them get free from these causes which will empower them to remain addiction free. References at the back of the book include AA, SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety and The Silvia Method to teach them about meditation.

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Certified 12 Step Program along with Addiction Consultant and Substance Abuse Counselor 12 Step Board Certification CTC

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*** The Institute of 12 Step Consultant Board of Standards or Commission on Certification has been using or has in use the terms: Certified Twelve Step Counselor; Certified 12 Step Coach; Certified Twelve Step Counsellor; Certified 12 Step Professional; Certified 12 Step Specialist; Certified Twelve Step Therapist; Certified Twelve Step Advisor; Certified 12 Step Counselor; Certified 12 Step Manager; Certified 12 Step Planner. The word chartered can be used interchangeable with Certified or Board Certified ***