12 Step Exam 2

Certified 12 Step Counselors

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  1. The 12 step program can be used for:
  2. Your answer:
    Many Addictions
    Only Alcohol Addiction
    Only Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

  3. What is one of the 4 absolutes?
  4. Your answer:

  5. Bill W. was a "____" by Trade
  6. Your answer:
    Insurance Sales

  7. The first step uses the word?
  8. Your answer:
    Power hungry

  9. Turning it over is fundamentally and initially part of what step.
  10. Your answer:
    Step 3
    Step 9
    Step 4

  11. AA meetings usually open or close with?
  12. Your answer:
    Serendipity Prayer
    Serenity Prayer
    Surrender Prayer

  13. Getting a sponsor should be done:
  14. Your answer:
    As soon as you begin to work the steps
    After your 3rd step
    As soon as you work the 4th step

  15. Which step primarily involves making a inventory?
  16. Your answer:
    4th Step
    3rd Step
    6th Step

  17. An self-inventory is good to do because?
  18. Your answer:
    You need to count your blessings
    Other people are to blame
    You take a look at your past issues and wrongs.

  19. 12 step programs were originated:
  20. Your answer:
    Over 100 years ago
    Over 50 years ago
    Over 200 Years ago

  21. Holy men from which two institutions were active early in the founding of the 12 steps.
  22. Your answer:
    Methodist and Catholic
    Catholic and Jewish
    Episcopal and Catholic (and many others too)

  23. Which movement had an influence on the 12 steps.
  24. Your answer:
    Harvard Group
    Oxford Group
    Cambridge Group

  25. Discussing our wrongs with another person is a major part of:
  26. Your answer:
    The First Step
    The 12 Step
    The 5th Step

  27. Admitting you were wrong to another person you have harmed may be a part of which step.
  28. Your answer:
    The 9th Step
    The 7th Step
    The 8th Step

  29. Meditation is generally part of which step?
  30. Your answer:
    10th Step
    9th Step
    11th Step

  31. 9th Step action is generally not done if you might.
  32. Your answer:
    If your yoga chants are out of sequence
    Bring a fued to resolve
    Do more harm than good

  33. Believing that there is something bigger than yourself is part of?
  34. Your answer:
    The 5th Step
    The 12th step
    The 2nd Step

  35. 12 Steppers use which term to usually describe "GOD"
  36. Your answer:
    Universal Spirit
    Universal Mind
    Higher Power

  37. Under the twelve steps you can specifically:
  38. Your answer:
    Pick the Steps of your understanding
    Pick a God of your understanding
    Pick a sponsor of your understanding

  39. Who were the 2 people who are generally credite in founding AA and the 12 step program.
  40. Your answer:
    Bob and Jack
    Bill and Jim
    Bob and Bill

  41. 12 step meetings usually cost:
  42. Your answer:
    1 dollar a day
    100 dollars per hour
    No dues or Fees Required

  43. After a patient detox, the use of 12 step meetings are beneficial for:
  44. Your answer:
    Keep the patient busy
    Saving money

  45. Doctors in the early days referred to the 12 step programs as:
  46. Your answer:
    A dotox therapy
    A moral psychology
    A psychic inventory

  47. The "How it works" reading at the beginning of many 12 step meetings is:
  48. Your answer:
    Part of the Big Book
    Part of the Daily Reader
    Part of the 12 Step book

  49. 12 step programs can be used for
  50. Your answer:
    Smoking and Gambling Addictions
    To replace Church
    To Inspire Success

  51. Many________ may use the 12 steps in their practice?
  52. Your answer:

  53. Humility is addressed?
  54. Your answer:
    In Step 5
    In Step One
    Generally in Step 7

  55. Getting 12 stepped generally means:
  56. Your answer:
    You were counseled by a 12 step participant
    You are very spiritual
    You finished all 12

  57. Willingness is a critical part of what step?
  58. Your answer:
    Step 9
    Step 7
    Step 8

  59. Going to another sufferor and suggesting the use of the 12 steps is part of?
  60. Your answer:
    The 12 Step
    The 1st Step
    The 4th Step

  61. Meeting Makers.....
  62. Your answer:
    Are nuts
    Make It
    Have no friends

  63. Developing gratitude can probably help a 12 stepper obtain.
  64. Your answer:
    Peace of mind
    More work

  65. 12 step meetings are:
  66. Your answer:
    Held in New York
    Offered all over the world
    Are just for jails and rehab centers

  67. Steps 6 and 7 are probably more about
  68. Your answer:
    Serving others
    Developing Character
    Itemizing all of your faults

  69. Step 4 and 5 can be looked at as methods for:
  70. Your answer:
    Clearing out the old mistaken beliefs
    Making room for hysteria
    Over analyzing your weaknesses

  71. Turning it over may be symbolic in that
  72. Your answer:
    You free yourself from responsibility
    You become dependent on kneeling and supplication.
    You develop a partnership and cooperation with a Higher Power and the Universe

  73. Service to others can
  74. Your answer:
    Help a person get out of self
    Get you into trouble
    Get you very tired

  75. A Buddhist Holy Man said the 12 steps are fine if you...
  76. Your answer:
    Change the word God to "Good" or Goodness
    Make the Dali Lama the higher power
    Integrate the 8 Fold path

  77. Anonimity is important so that
  78. Your answer:
    People are all treated in a secret way
    All 12 steppers are allowed to grow and participate without attention to their background.
    People are not outed

  79. Resentment is the....?
  80. Your answer:
    Biggest problem to the whole world
    Number one offender of Sobriety and Peace
    Number 2 Problem of 12 Step Success


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